Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The end is approaching

Everything is starting to come together now. All the lighting and dive motors are fitted, the computer is working. I need to do some work on a few bits and pieces but on the whole the project is nearly complete.
The dome, periscope, dome hatches and mainboard slide are all powered but still controlled via radio control. I hope to sort this soon and get then automated which will be much more fun. You can see from the pictures that in low light the R2 glows nicely, maybe abit over the top but who cares, I like flashing lights. The blus dome LED are christmas tree light and work very well. The rear white LED lights and top holo projector are commected up to movement sensors and trigger accordingly. All the case fans are illuminated as is the skirt and the inside of the case. The center mounted VGA monitor worked much better than I thought but I would still like to see the projector mounted in the dome, although I am not sure where it will now fit due to all the extra stuff I have fitted.
Sound system now works with the wav sound files triggered at random from information sent from the web cam via motion detection. It sort of gives the R2 unit a life of its own, it is strange how people now start calling it him.
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