Wednesday, 13 January 2010

PHASE TWO: My center leg retract mechanism

This is the idea for my center leg retract machanism. I have measured all the distances and played around with a cardboard model and it seems to work unless I have missed out on something big time.
As well as rebuilding the skirt I will have to resite the underskirt speaker system.
Removing the should bolts and adding a pivot will be very easy as will rebuilding the center foot.
Currently the front foot wheel is centered. It will be replaced with two smaller wheels placed at the front and rear of the foot so they do not get in the way of the slide mechanism.
What would be really impressive would be a motor driven system in the front foot that in effect pulled the center foot under the droid. The main feet would need to be held in place when the system activated otherwise the whole droid would just move forwards.
All my ankle joins are pivoted already so all they would need would be stops placed so three and two leg resting points could be set.
All seems very simple, but I bet is will not be.
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