Sunday, 24 January 2010

R6 :More work on the body and head rota

The body construction is very simple. The skin material is quite thick at 3mm and very strong so the frame does not need to offer as much support. Using thinner skins would mean the frame would have to be much more complex so I decide to go with the thivker skin material.
The head rota is the same system I used in my R2 and certain works very well.
The 6" Lasy susan is mounted centrally on a cross brace. On top of this is a cut circle of MDF. It is the edge of this cirlce that will come into contact with the drive wheel attached to the head motor.Fixed on top of the MDF cirlce will be the base circle for the head.The reason I go with this head drive system is that I know it works and it is also much cheaper than spending about £70 on the larger rota ring that some other builders use. The Lasy susan I use cost £2.50.The final effect of the head rotating will be identical which ever system is used, one just costs alot less. Control of the head rotation will be via a simple electronic speed control attached to a £10 cordless screwdriver motor from Argos.It spins the head a a good speed and seems very reliable, (still working in my R2)

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