Sunday, 7 February 2010

Movement at last

After all the messing around with getting everything to fit together correctly, atlast it all works. The feet now stay locked in position and do not tip and I have correct radio control. Even at 12v the motors are more than powerful enough on a noral road surface. I will get a video loaded soon showing the movement. Battery life seems ok , In the twenty mins I drove the droid around nothing fell off or broke.Even after hitting a wall at low speed the front foot survived, I am glad I reinforced it with MDF and metal strips.
The last image show how it has all been stripped down and re painted and the work done on the back of the main feet to cover the motor bracket hole.
Hopefully I will soon be ready for top coat painting. I still have not decided if I will spend laods of money on spray paints or go for the hand painted approach?

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