Tuesday, 2 February 2010

R6: Starting to come together

My original plan was to be very systematic in that I would complete the legs, then the feet and so on . I have now found myself working on everything at the same time. I found some plactic tubes that where exactly the correct size for the cyclinders so I started to work on these thinking they would be very quick. I have had some problems though cutting the groves in the plastic as it looks messy when scored. I will now have to finish these of with sanding which will takes ages to get the finish I want. The end caps in the cylinders will be made of soft wood and will be carved and sanded.
I have started to layout all the parts on the legs to check everything lines up and because I have been accurate with all the measurements everything does.
I am also adding details to the main feet now I have worked out how to mount the motor brackets securely. I do have a problem with the motor brackets sticking out of the rear of the battery boxes slightly but to cover this I am going to modify the back of the foot and use a bit of artistic licence.

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