Sunday, 28 March 2010

R6: Details

Posted by PicasaI have spend most of the weekend adding small details, building brakcets and lining things ups.One thing I did want to add was the compressed gass effect and trigger this as the top Utility arm was opened. I have set a small swich in such a position that when the top arm is fully open the gass is sprayed out through the open door. The tube runs from the can in the head down into the body and mounted in a wood bracket facing out through the arm bay.
I have also now added a Spektrun DX6i radio after having a few problems with my old Sanwa controller, it was about time I upgraded it plus I got a very good deal.
All of the body lights are now setup although as yet they are only controlled by fixed switches. Once I get my RF switch unit this will change.

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