Sunday, 9 May 2010

R6.E1. Updates to feet

Posted by PicasaI have been having a real nightmare with the feet brackets and shells cracking and just not standing up to the abuse that doing shows brings. It is really frustrating in that I want to follow the original design as close as possible but it simply is not strong enough. The main issue I have is not smooth surface travel but when the R6 moves onto rough surfaces or crossed floor separators. Most shopping centers have built in door mats set into the floor that have metal edging, and moving from smooth floors over these mats then out onto paved areas is destoying the feet. Instead of trying to keep repairing them I have decided to change the design and add some improvments that will stop me having to rebuild the feet so often.
The Alloy brackets that fix the feet to the ankles have now gone and been replaced with 3mm steel brackets that are fixed into 20mm MDF platforms. Connected under these platforms are the steel motor brackets which have now been mounted with heavy rubber grommets to help with vibration. The rear wheel experiment, attatching the wheelie wheel to the foot shell and hot the bracket has been very successful so this is now permanent. The Front foot has been altered to allow my centering spring to fit more easily and the pivot point raised by 10mm to give the front foot much more strength. This has involved changing the channel through the foot and you can now see the slight curve that has been introduced due to the ankle sitting lower.

All the bolt access points have been enlarged and on the main feet I have now fitted inspection pannles so I can get to everything, no more messing around tring to remove bolts through tiny inspection holes.
I still need to fit the skirt details around the feet but have now scrapped the wood details as these will now been made up in Alloy.
On the whole the foot is much. much stronger and will now easily cope with moving between surfaces, all I need to sort out now is the front foot caster system.

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