Sunday, 2 May 2010

Stars of time show 1_05_10

Stars of Time Show at Weston Super Mare on 1st May 2010. Emy had another appearance and met up with a few stars of yester year, namely Kenny Baker. I found it ironically funny that Kenny Baker found the Daleks and Astromech rather irritating roaming around infront of him, but it was nice to see these icons of film signing photos.  Far more interesting from my point of view was some of the props on display, the little yellow car from Doctor Who and the usual costumes wandering around. I was particular taken with some metal sculptures and the full size Preditor which was very impressive, but also with an impressive price tag.
Emy( R6.E1) performed well and nothing broke or fell off. I tried out a new front foot design with the suspension spring fitted. This was combined with the 2 1/2" wheels and front foot obviously unlocked. The design certainly worked better than previous and easily coped with door jars and even power wires tapped across the floor. She had her first run in with some serious carpet, probably about 20 years worth of combined underlay, under a rather feching Art Deco carpet. To say it was soft was an understatement, but again she coped well. She could not turn on the spot but with a bit of foward or backward momentum could still spin. I even ran her outside on paving slabs and brick surfaces and again she coped well without ripping the front foot of or causing any damage at all.
I have also moved the main feet wheelie wheels fron being mounted on the main motor barck to being mounted on the foot shell. Combined with the rear springs the traction seems much better and the main wheels are always firmly planted. When the foot wants to tilt under turning forces the wheelie wheels hit the ground but because they are connected to the foot shell they deflect up slightly keeping the main wheel on the ground.

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