Friday, 4 June 2010

R6.E1. Solar charging station.

Posted by PicasaSome of the events I have been to lately have involved the R6 standing as a static display at times and I was thinking it would be great to have her standing surrounded with Astromech style accessories. The charging station has been on the drawing board for a while now. I always tend to carry spare batteries around to events in an old case and bits and pieces incase things should break on Emy. So I thought, why not build these parts into Droid style accessories. I have used Solar charging on all my SLA batteries for a while now so building a Droid solar charging station and combining it with the power pack seemed logical. There is still a bit of work to do on the paint scheme, but  the case is in essence both a large portable battery, charged via solar power and also a direct solar charger for the Droid. The pannels are 13w generating about 1Amp on a sunny day and the stand is an old tripod which was modified. The Droid charging box started life as a cordless drill case and the hoses are washing machine parts. The case has an old strobe fitted so when it is used the strobe can be switched on giving a hi tec look. Over the next few weeks I will add a few more bits and pieces.

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