Saturday, 9 October 2010

New feet complete with suspension

Apart from the new design and better construction materials I have also made the feet in modular form allowing each part of the foot,battery box, hoses, side detals, suspension, to come appart. The strut shocks and springs are not invisible and do move away from the pure look but to be honest I am bored with building something that looks the same as every other build, just for the sake of being screen accurate. Having the wheels at the front of the foot shells certainly makes the turning much faster and forward stability has also been improved. The only downside seems to be that if I reverse fast them suddenly move forward Emy can do a wheelie, but the rear of the foot shells catch the ground so she does not fall backwards. The new primer and top coat I used on the feet also looks better than the rest of the white paint so over the next few weeks I may repaint certain parts that are easy to remove.

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