Sunday, 21 November 2010

Children in need at Bristol Zoo

On Friday 19th November 2010 the Charity Daleks where invited over to Bristol Zoo gardens to take part in the Children in need event on BBC tv. It was a geat night and loads of money was raised. It was Emys first evening event, outside and in the freezing cold but she worked without fault. The new feet and wheels are so much better on rough surfaces and surfaces you are unable to see because of the darkness. Removing the small back wheels in the main feet was one of the best moves I have made as it means the R6 can move over bumps with easy. Emy ran continuously for about six hours which was not bad considering the slopes and surfaces she had to deal with. One issue I need to resolve is that the battery that I tap 12v off had run completely flat where as the other battery was still registering 100%. Once I sort this problem out I will get better run times which will be great for two day events. The new sensors, head and light to trigger sounds worked great and the kids loved patting her on the head to trigger sounds. I think the best bit about running in darkness and outside was how good all the LED's and EL looked. A great night, see video at the foot of the page

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