Saturday, 27 November 2010

R6.E1. Droid caller

Posted by PicasaI have completed the Droid Caller at last. I need to finish a few edges and polish the main barrel but it is now working. There are four LED's, two red, one greeen and one yellow. They are all controlled via a single switch and very smart little circuit board. Pointing the Caller at the R6 will trigger a number of events.
1. One press will output a single red light which triggers a power down sound
2. holding the button for a few seconds causes the red light to pulse triggering a second sound.
3. Holding the button longer triggers a greeen light which will power down the head lights
4. Holding the button longer triggers the yellow light which powers the head back up.
This is all achieved with a series of optical sensors in the main vent, all of which trigger the set events when the recieve the correct coloured or pulsed light.
The perfect accessory for a Jawa looking to control a R6.E1.

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