Sunday, 29 April 2012

What a phenomenal day. The total raised for charity was over £6,000, not bad for a couple of hours work.

Because it was our own event I decided to bring all four Droids and K9, plus I was joined this year by Ian who has now completed Arthur(R4) after a five year build. It was brilliant having so many Droids whizzing around. Emy and Zoe did there normal thing, K9 came out to play when the crowds has calmed down a bit and R2D2 sat on the stage and looked proud. 
Events like this are so much fun. I talked with so many people ranging from a very nice young lady about RC helicopter controls to how to build sound systems inside a Wookies head. It was so nice to meet so many great people who share such a passion for Sci-fi. It was also great to catch up with other builders and people passionate about robotics. I must apologise to all those who I meant to talk more with but was simple so busy that I did not get the chance to sit down.

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