Sunday, 28 October 2012

Electronics make over.

As well as working on K9 this weekend Emy has also had an electronics make over. Emy is now a bit of an old girl. Because she was the first mobile Astromech I built some of the electronics were a bit crude. The sound card and sound trigger board have now been neatly added onto the back door electronics board, as opposed to just being Velcro to one of the internal batteries. The compressed air cylinder has also moved from the head to the main body, making the head lighter. The head wiring has also been simplified and made much simpler. When my slip ring arrives from china this will be added to Emy giving her head a 360 ability. The top utility arm switch now triggers a sound as opposed to the extinguisher: this is now triggered directly from the RF switch. The RF switch has completely been rewired and switches reallocated. From the pictures it does not look like it but there is now more room inside the main body which means I might add a bigger third 12v battery giving Emy a longer run time.

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