Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Dome at last

I have been waiting for the dome for what seems like months but has infact only been a could of weeks.
It is very shiny. I was a little scared to start cutting into it just incase I damaged it but after working with this type of material in other builds everything went well. The two large holes were for the dome mounted projector which was planned at the beginning however just after I cut them and placed the dome on to of the body realised that the body backwards tilt would prevent the projector from throwing its image at the correct angle. Problem was that I did not have enough space in the dome to mount the projector to resolve the problem.
I thought about making the center leg retract into the body so the R2 could sit straight but it would have ment to much reverse engineering, plus I was committed to the full sized computer mother board.. The projector has now been dropped but I am working on a very simple system that I think I will be able to retro fit once the mod is complete, that will allow the R2 to sit upright and the center leg move backwards, but not retract. Instead of retracting the center leg into the body the ankle will move down into the foot and slide back. The fixed should bolts will be replaced with pivots, hopefully that will do the trick.
After playing around with the retracting center leg and getting it to work the other problem I encountered was the skirt. I now know why I did not like the design, it catches the battery boxes.
The retracting center leg, projector and skirt modification will take part in phase two of R2 evolution, for now I am going to progress as I am without the projector and fixed three leg.
As you can see from the dome pictures I have made the radar eye out of MDF. The holo projector/ bottle top was a bad idea and this will be crapped and replaced with a movable web cam. It may not look as good but it will be fun to play with and I can also give the R2 unit the abilty to detect motion and trigger sounds and actions.
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