Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A bit of colour and weathering.

You can not creating an R2 unit without weathering it, it has to look the part.
The whole unit was initially painted in an external white textured acylic paint. This is great to paint over wood as it instanlty gives it a different textured/hammered look. It is also very thick paint so also acts as a kind of filler. The top coat was a plain white gloss, water based paint .The blue was a system3 acrylic called process cyan. All of this was then covered with an acrylic gloss clear coat. Weathering was done with burnt umber and a mix of colours applied as washes and rubbed in.
One thing that does anoy me know looking back on the build is the skirt. I could have done this alot better and made it much more authentic, I think it would have looked better.
Still waiting for the dome I decided to add a few of the body electronics and computer parts, fans, harddrive mounts, central VGA monitor and DVD drive.
I am not sure how many hours I have spent so far  but it is certaily starting to become an obsession. Every time I fit something and think that will do, I find myself looking at the replica builds on line and thinking I could make that part a bit more authentic, time consuming is not the word. I am probably at about 30 or 40 hours now.

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