Wednesday, 13 January 2010

More construction images

Because the dome was not the correct height I had to use artistic license in the surface detailing and placement of each part. I decided to build up the ring that sound spin the dome a bit more giving the illusion of the dome being bigger than it was.Once it was all painted up it looked good.
The coin slots and coin return slot were a real pain to make. The coin slots were made out of balsa wood and to be honest I think they look a bit poor. At a point in the future I will remake these and replace these ones but for now they will stay. Someone suggested that I make each coin slot a USB slot so I may do this.
I was really please with the coin return slot until I realised I made it upsidedown, no-one will notice.
Battery boxes are smaller than the replica but I think they look fine.
I have been contemplating remaking the legs and feet the exact size because after doing these ones I know I can do much better. What I think I may do, however, is leave them and instead direct this energy into the design and build of my next Astromech replica.

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