Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Body details

I added most of the detailing, vents coin slots and return, making them out of cardboard and then applying a thin layer of filler to make them a bit stronger. Once the undercoat and eventually top coat of paint was on they would certainly be tough enough.
The feet power cables where cut down shower hoses, which certaily looked the part.
I was not to fussed with the exact placement of vents and other ports, I was not intending to produce a replica. What I really needed to consider in the port placement was what was going to be fitted behind in terms of computer parts. I wanted a fair few case fans to keep it nice and cool inside, especially with the added motors and batteries.

Things like the Octagon port needed to be made round because they looked better when the fans were fitted.
Both the front lower round port and this one would have fans fitted to directly cool the harddrives which would be mounted behind them.                                    

The feet were starting to look good but I needed to add alot more detail in the way of ankles and more surface detail..One thing I was not happy with was the center foot. The problem was that I mounted it much to far forward. The foot needed to come from the center of the under skirt not the front. I changed this later and the results were much better.The reason behind mounting the foot so far forward was that I wanted to fit a good sound system into the skirt, locating the foot forward would provide more room.                                     

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