Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Main board slider

It is hard to see in static photos but the main mother board and power supply parts are fitted to a housing that slides in and out via motor control. There is no reason at all that this slide needs to be powered I just thought it would look good. It does need to slide in and out though to gain access to the internal computer parts for upgrades and work.
I have now also added some ankle details. I initially made the legs a bit to narrow so I have been adding bits and pieces to them to beef them up a bit.
The computer itself is now nearly sorted with virtually everything being wireless
Wirless LAN
Wireless Keyboard and mouse
Wireless VGA sender to remotion monitor or projector
This means that I only need to plug in one power cable which keeps the whole unit looking much neater.

When I eventually have a go at the replica it will have a full onboard computer but will be self powered, no trailing wires at all.
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