Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Under the dome

The DVD drive works well and has not stalled onced even being mounted at a very strangele angle.
Under the dome all looks a bit messy with things made out of lego, tapped together and looking very home made. The thing is it is all home made and on a budget but it works. The drive wheel for the dome is a Lego wheel attahced to a £5 cordless screwdriver form Argos. It is linked up to a 7.2v battery and controlled via a very basic radio control car speed controller, works great.
The dome door for the aerial to come out of is directly servo contrlled with the hingle made out of duck tape and the lifter made from my sons Lego technic.
The periscope raises and lowers, pans left and right. The pan is controlled by a servo built into the top part of the persiscope. The persiscope houses a red flashing LED and a second web cam, not sure why, just seemed like a good idea at the time.
The dome itself sits on top of the home made MDF ring and TV stand bearing. I was not to sure the small bearing, one of those that is used on swivel portable TV stands, would work but it does really well. To keep the dome in place a plastic ring allows the dome to sit in place on the MDF rota. It is a very simple system as you can see from the photos but it works really well.
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