Sunday, 17 January 2010

R6. The Beginning.

After getting most of the drawings sorted out and paper templates cut for the legs I decided to start cutting the wood. I have decided to start with the legs getting them completely finished before moving on to the feet, body, drive system, then onto the head. I will probably end up working on different bits at the same time, but I will try and stick to my plan.
One of my main problems is that I dont have a great workshop so cutting thing very accuratey is difficult. I aim to get the main parts of the leg cut and glued together and then I will fill and sand the whole unit down getting the correct finish. This finishing process took ages with the last build and I can not see it taking less time with this one.

I am working with MDF of varying thickness. The legs are made form 25mm, 18mm, and 10mm pieces all glued together.

I am still considering how I will make the R6( needs a name) sit upright so the projector fitted in the head will work correctly. I do not want to motorise the movement from three to two legs just use a basic mechanical poseable system.

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