Sunday, 17 January 2010

R6 : End of the first weekend

I have managed to get a fair bit done over the last two days, working on and off, on the legs
The center foot ankle has been worked on as well and  looks a bit rough at the moment but once the filler goes on and is sanded down it should be ok. For details like the ankles, and probably a few more parts of the R6 I have used hardboard. It is an easy material to work with and certainly strong enough for this kind of project. The main legs are now ready for sanding down after the two halfs have been glued together and wiring fitted. The reason there are two wires protruding fron the base of the leg is that I have added a second wireling harness ready for some extra lighting I am going to add under the foot. If I decide not to add the lighting later the wire will become a redundant system, just in case.
Next is the really time consuming proccess and probably why I stoppped at this point for the day, filling and sanding.

As well as working on the legs I have been looking around on -line for the leg drive motors and speed controllers. After a great deal of time on ebay I have decided to pick up a couple of electric scooters. This should give me everything I need, wheel, mounting brackets, 120w motors and batteries.If I am very lucky the whole drive unit assembly will fit nicely into the foot space. If not a bit of modifying will sort out that problem. I will need a speed controller and will probably go with a 25 or 50amp dual speed control.
So far the spend on the project is, or will be by next week:

£ 120 - two electric scooters
£100 - suitable dual speed controller.
£0 - All the MDF was free, scrounged.
£10 - evo-stick fast drying glue.
I have a £500 budget for this build. Will I come in on budget or go over?????

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