Sunday, 24 January 2010

R6: Legs and Shoulders

Second weekend on the build. I did not get much done at all during the week due to being so busy at work.
What I did get done was some more work on the plans.I created foot templates and got my head around all the angles of the skirt construction.Earlier on in the week I ordered the E-Scooters of ebay, which have just arrived. I will be happy to get back out in the garage and do some more work on the R6, as the weather has been very cold each evening and has kept me inside.
I had always intended to work on the legs first, getting them almost complete, then move onto the feet then body. That plan has gone out of the window and I know seem to be working on everything at the same time.
The main structure of the legs has now been done, not including the booster covers, ankles or any details. I decided to get the shoulder hubs cut and drilled and test fit them to the body pannels that will hold them. I am going to use a similar body design to the last R2 and mount the legs in the same way. This time I want to make sure my measurements are accurate, so there will not be any problems with the R6 going in a straight line.
I initially had a problem with needing to have the R6 sit up right to make the projector work correctly. I have now sorted out this problem. The R6 will stay in three leg mode and the projector will move.

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