Sunday, 28 February 2010

R6: New electronics board

Posted by PicasaAfter trying to add extra electronics to the older, smaller board I gave up and just made a new bigger board. I will have to work out how to mount the board soon and will need some form of system to minimise shocks to the electronics. The dome motor is in and works when powered direct from the battery but when I run it through the voltage convertor it seems to run a bit slow. The voltage is correct so I can only assume there is not enough ampage, another problem to overcome.
I might also have to change the radio and use my old 6ch Sanwa hele radio instead of the spektrum which only has 3 channels.I would prefer to keep with the Spektrum but with only 3 channels I am a bit limited. I could use two radio systems I suppose, one for the drives and the other for the features.

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