Sunday, 28 February 2010

R6: Work so far.

Posted by PicasaI have been working on and off over the last two weeks and although it does not see that much has happened I am happy with the the stage I am at.
Hopefully I hope I have now sorted out the foot tipping problem, with the fitting of the extra wheels. The electronics board has been upgraded to add the dome control systems and a voltage convertor. Sitting back and looking at my work so far there are a few parts that I now think I will have to make again because I am not happy with the finish, but these are minor things that can wait unti the bult of the droid is complete.
The head has had its first coat of paint and will get some colour added in the next few days.
I have decided to change the colour scheme and make the underside of the head silver, the radar eye black and details on the head silver with a touch of red.

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