Wednesday, 17 February 2010

R6: Starting the head

Posted by PicasaThe head has been a bit of a pain to build. Getting  the basic shape and get all the dimensions correct has been difficult but at last I have a shell that is correct. There is loads of work to do on the head and probably as many hours ahead as I have already put into the body. I still have not decided of the neck rota ring is required or not or if the head should fit flush with the body.
Work on the body has progressed well with the Arms, front vents, coin slots and body ports all been completed over the last few days.Everything has been manufactured, no resin parts here. Some have been made from alloy such as the ankle brackets and the rest from MDF and plastic card. Everything is looking very shinny at the moment having a new coat of paint, it will be fun when all this shinny paint is weathered down.
TheArms needed loads of work. Just carving them out of MDF took forever and they still need a bit of work. They fit fairly flush with the body and should look better when correctly mounted and connected up to the servos to control them.The shoulder buttons are a bit of fun. I was going to make some perfect buttons to go in the shoulders but instead decided to use some old security wheel bolts. These where of my first car and look almost identical to the original buttons apart from the number of holes on the surface, I think they look great and are a bit sentimental.

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