Sunday, 14 March 2010

R6: More work on the head

Posted by PicasaI have tried to make the top part of the head three times now and each method I use is simply not strong enough. The top of the head should be slightly conical but trying to get this effect combined with strength is very difficult. I have now decided to go with a flat head until I can workout how to do it correctly. I am still looking for a cover lense for the rear logic display. Bubble rap works well but still needs soem form of glass or clear plastic front.
I have now got power sorted out to the head. I have now designed the head to turn 270 degrees so I will not need to go to all the cost of a slip ring, plus I think the head looks silly spinning 360 degrees.
I do have a problem with my radio control system, not enough channels so may have to look at upgrading my existing system, more money.

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