Sunday, 14 March 2010

R6: Updated drive electronics board

Posted by PicasaI have added a few more bits and pieces to the main drive board this weekend. I was not happy with the original drive board so completely rebuilt it. I have now added the other dual speed control. The extra channel will be used to power extras I will add later. Speakers have been fitted behind the main vents ready for the sound system, when I decide which system to go for or what to build. The inside is looking messy and I will soon need to tidy all the wiring up. The charge system is also fitted and uses a very simple plug and play system. When you run normally the batteries are plugged into the main board via a patch board. When charging the battery leads are patched into the charging circuit, completely issolating the main board to protect it.
Now I am starting to get worried that I am running out of space and non of the computer system has been fitted yet.

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