Saturday, 10 April 2010

R6. Suspension ideas

Posted by PicasaI have had the old problems of the feet tipping again. If I fully lock the feet I have problems with the wood feet cracking and being placed under to much stress. I decided to play around with the idea of some very simple suspension. It will be visible but considering that the back of my R6 feet are not even close to being standard it does not matter to much. On the main feet the stop blocks have been removed and a small spring on a central piston have been fitted. The spring keeps the small wheeelie wheel a small distance of the ground, but more importantly deals with the torque when the R6 turns fast or reverses. The sping then moves into compression and keeps the foot level but also absorbes the main torque load. This load is taken fully by the spring so there is far less stress on the foot. It all seems to work when moving around and you can see in the videos the feet hardly move now and stay flat. I will tidy the whole assembly up and make it look better. The front foot will also have suspension in the form of a leaf spring like the one above. The idea will be that it will keep the foot level and centered. Both front and rear tilt will be absorbed by the spring. I still have to fit the final spring but once fitted I will provide photos.

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