Tuesday, 6 April 2010

R6:Electronics body

Posted by PicasaThe new power board works very well and having the persepex riser fitted allows me to move the radio reciever away from the ESC. With the door being hinged it makes it much easier to get to everything. The main body wiring still looks abit messy but I will tidy this up when my new larger batteries arrive.The central electric aerial is a pain but there is nowhere else for it to go. I would rather it takes up space in the body than protrudes into the head, I need this space for the computer and projector. The car cd player also takes up a fair bit of space but it gives me amplification and mp3 playback in one unit plus it is very loud. I am have also been very suprised in that the cd player does not eat up the batteries as I thought it would so for now it is going to stay and be the main sound system.It is currently fed from the PDA in the head whcih can run a radom wav program giving the R6 more of an interactive personality. The PDA can also trigger sounds via movement from the web cam which adds a nice touch. Eventually the computer wull replace the PDA.
In the pictures you can see the head motor, 12v drill and the temp servo switch that will soon be replaced with the RF switch. It is all starting to get abit crowed inside the body and with only having the rear door to access the body can be a bit tight. The RF board when it arrives will be mounted inside the body just behing the head motor on a hinged board.

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