Tuesday, 6 April 2010

R6:Head electronics upgrade

Posted by PicasaI have also been working on the head electronics and tidying up everything. The main feed to the head has now got its own fuse box and all the new electronics to be added to the head will go through this. The main head feed wire is feed from the main power board and able to run up to 10A which should be more than enough for the head.My first can of compressed air ran out, no-one told me that when you invert the can it runs out very, very fast. I have now ordered a futher four so they should last a short while.
The dome drive as also upgraded. The old motor was only rated at 3.5v and I was feeding it with 12v so as you can imagine it was working very hard. The new motor is from a cordless drill from B&Q, costing £9.00 and works brilliantly. The drive is the same slip drive as before but I have upgraded the drive wheel, now a bigger Lego tyre!!!!!!!! I have also added some quick release connectors onto the radar lifter which now makes removing the head much easier and quicker.

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