Sunday, 25 April 2010

R6.E1. Adding more bits

Posted by PicasaAfter noticing that the speed controllers were getting alittle warm I have fitted a small cooling fan taken from an old computer. It privides just enough to keep both speed controlls cool.
You can also see my new water spray system. It is very simple, car windscreen wiper pump, water bottle and a bit of hose. I have created a jet of water that looks like the R6 is venting coolant, from right vent. At events this is great with the kids and I have seen it used on a couple of builds so I thought I would add my own to Emy.It is triggered from the RF remote so can be used when ever needed. The only real issue is that I should maybe have got a smaller washer pump as this one can empty the one litre bottle of fluid in a few seconds.
Also the area around the spray nosle has been heavily waterproofed so avoid any problems. All the hose routing internally and the placement of the water bottle and pump have been kept well away from any major electronics and sheilded from them, just in case of a hose blowing off.

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