Monday, 12 April 2010

R6.E1 Nearly there

Posted by PicasaThe under shoulder details are starting to look good now they are fitted and I have started on the weathering a distressing. Emy has now got her name written on ther head and is starting to look more like the images I had in my head when I first started this project all those months ago.I need to spend some quality time now working on the weathering and adding a bit of flaked metal detail and rust here are there.
I must admit it has not taken me as long to get to this point as I expected, I was thinking it would be atleast a year to get here but I have been a bit obsessed and worked on her virtually everyday from Christmas. 2009.
There are still a few things that need attention and now I have spent more time working on the lathe I will definately remake parts( slowly) in metal.  Thinking back to the first time I considered making an R6 over the R2 and first got advice from Dan Stuttegen and his R6 build I am glad I chose the R6. I dont think there are many working R6 Astromechs in the world but there is definately one now here in the UK. My original budget went out the window as well, I have certainly spent more than my budget of £500.If anyone is thinking of building an R6 or any Astromech a good bit of advice would be to establish your budget then double it.
Also dont forget the R2 online building community and web sites/Blogs, without these I would not have even attempted to build the R6.

Things to do:
I need to get the top of the head sorted out and work out how to get the correct shape without making to weak. My first attenpt failed because people would lean on the top of the head and it would collapse.
I need to add a second electric antenna that comes out when the lower Utility arm is opened. I have worked out how to shorten the antenna and I will fit some gadgets to the end, a bit like the R2 arm.
The projector and computer need to be fitted but these are based on funds.
Things to be remade in metal:
Ankle cylinders

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