Monday, 12 April 2010

R6.E1 Head wiring

Posted by PicasaThe wiring loom in the head has now been tidied up and fitted with quick release connectors to make head removal easier. I have also fitted the 5v board to power the holo projector and also added a small random flasher circuit to make the holo projector look like the projected light from a real projector. The servo power system to move the hol projector will go in soon, a simple left and right movement via servo.
The Radar eye PDA is now fitted and working although I yet have to fit a movement sensor that will turn on the PDA automatically and run the Leia video. The pda will eventually be replaced when I have enough funs to fit the computer and head projector.
The compress air can systems works very well, the only real problem with this is the rate at which I go though cans of air, there must be a better system than this. I would love to fit a mini fog/smoke machine but they cost so much money that this will have to stay a dream for now, unless I can work out how to make one. Someone suggested I not bother with smole but go for bubbles instead which is an interesting idea and much cheaper to do.

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