Monday, 24 May 2010

R6.E1 Moving HoloEye

Posted by PicasaI got around to fitting the mechanism to make the Holo Eye move automatically. It was very low tec however works very effectively. The Holo Eye itself is an old curtain end with a bottle top, not perfectily authentic but looks the part. The eye is fitted so it can pivot and has a small metal rod coming of the back. This metal rod engages on a leaver which in turn moves up and down creating the impression that the eye moves. What powers the movement is a £5.00 toy CCTV camera. It has been modified to run of a higher voltage and has had most of the parts removed that are not needed. It is fitted with a small movement sensor and flashing red LED which triggers  the random movement when something moves passed the grill on the front of the head. It all sounds very crude but works very well and all cost less than £10.
To see how it works check the videos out.

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