Sunday, 9 May 2010

R6.E1. Updates

Posted by PicasaA few more things have been worked on over the last few weeks although it has been busy with loads of public events. The back door seems to be holding up well even though it is made out of cardboard. I will remake it soon in firbreglass to allow it to last a bit longer. The Electronics board has been tidied up a bit and I have made room for the new features I am going to add soon.
On the underside of the foot I have added a new motor bracket mounting point. Originally I simply used velcro and glue to mount the motor brackets into the foot but it was messy if I had to alter anything and was also casuing to much vibration to be transfered to the foot shell. Now an Alloy bracket is fixed to the MDF platform and connected to the skirt on the foot shell which as you can see is now 35mm MDF, overkill maybe, but certainly 8 year old proof. There is also alittle play in the mounting of the brakcets which allow the spring system on the feet to work much better..The underside of the foot might not look pretty but is now very functional.
Weathering .
It was interesting after having a look at a couple of other builds in the last few weeks and seeing how perfect these builds look compared to my attempts with Emy. I do fee reasured however that Emy is starting to look like a real working Droid, battered, weathered (for real) and event scared. It is almost as if through all these alterations and use that she is developing a personality that the shiny perfect builds do not have, or maybe I am being over sentimental. I would still not change the fact that building from scratch may mean errors and constant rebuilds but it beats just purchasing resin parts and putting a jig saw together any day. Rant over.

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