Monday, 24 May 2010

R6.E1 New metal parts

New parts have been fitted and internally most of the wiring has now been tidied up. On the exterior I am slowly replacing parts with had made Alloy parts. The center vents, although looking the same, are now all metal, mainly to stop little fingers damaging the grill. All the feet details and strips are now metal as is the large data port, back of the utility arms, booster struts,shoulder details and parts of the head, the cyclinders are next.
 Other things that have been sorted out are:  
1. The head drive slipping to much has been solved with fitting a rubber ring around the MDF disk so the rubber drive wheel now connects with a larger rubber disk. It is still able to slip when needed but because there is now more grip the head turning action is much more positive and faster.
2. The fire extinguisher has been modified so the solenoid that triggers the can press has been made stronger allowing a much more precise control of the spray, saving air.
3. I have fitted a second car antenna to extend when the lower utility arm opens. It has been cut down and strengthened to act as a claw arm, it is certainly strong enough to move things around.
4.New lareg 3" dual wheels have been fitted in the front foot. The wheels have been shaped in an elipical profile to allow faster turning and combined with the bigger rubber wheels, silent and much better.
5. Very soon I will start on the new feetand see if I can make the whole feet assmblies out of Alloy with heavy steel brackets underneath for the motors.

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