Tuesday, 8 June 2010

R6.E1. Battery monitor LED

I have added a battery monitor to monitor the 12v circuit. Being both 24v and 12v I thought it was important to monitor the 12v cirucit as the battery that is providing 12v is doing a great deal of work both providing the extra 12v to the drive system and powering all the lighting and sound system. It is very easy for me to reduce the load on this circuit if I see the volatge drop to fast. I went for an LED monitor from a company called Sparkbright. The solution they came up with for battery monitoring is very neat, great value and takes up a tiny amount of space to mount the unit. It uses a red/orange and green LED display to show battery voltage. The only thing I would like different with it is that the green LED cut of voltage was a bit lower at 12v as opposed to 13.2v. This means that most of the time the orange light will be showing on SLA batteries, although this is not a real problem. I have now also fitted a Dimension engineering SportBEC and added a connection to tap of it to provide 6v where needed on other items.
Emy seems to be very happy posing with other cosutmers, although she does seem drawn to imperial troops.

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