Monday, 14 June 2010

R6.E1. New improved feet

Posted by PicasaAfter some time struggling with the foot shells cracking under the torque load from the motors I decided to make some changes. Eventually I will make the foot fully out of alloy as I have now managed to get hold of enough to make the feet. For the time being I have decided to go for an even more distressed look for the whole Droid and the feet need to be made to look much more battered. Underneath the foot shell I have added stronger brackets to hold the foot shells much more firmly to the motor holders. The ankle bushes have also been made stronger with a greater thickness steel on the bush.I have kept the bolts the same as the ones I am using seem up to the job. To stop the foot tipping forward and backwards I have kept the wheelie wheel but now removed tghe coil spring but added the larger steel leaf springs. The new bracket acts as a stop in one direction, stoping the foot tipping forward but also acts as a return spring to keep the wheelie wheel of the ground a few mm. The wheelie wheel now only touches the ground under load and springs back of load.
It may all not look as neat as some Droids out there but it works, very, very well and there is now no real stress on any of the foot shell parts because all the load is taken up through the leg.(I am not sure why I did not do this to start with).
 With the new front foot wheels and strengthend main feet the whole R6 runs so much more soothly, infact there is now so much more grip it will even run on dry grass. 

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