Wednesday, 2 June 2010

R6. Solar charging

Posted by PicasaEmy now has a Solar charging station. I am going to make up a stand and add a few Industrial Automation details making it look more the part.The system is very simple. On the back of the R6 is a charge socket wich allows me to charge the batteries in place. All I have to do is switch the circuit from power to charge and a 12v source plugged in will provide charge to the two 18Ah batteries.When the circuit is switched to charge it becomes a 12v system, even though the main motors run on 24v. The Solar panel runs into a regular which in turn feeds the charge socket. The panels knock out about 1Amp on a Sunny day and between 200 -600 mAmps on a cloudy day. The system will not replace the my main charger but when the R6 is parked up at events I will simply plug in the panels constantly topping up the batteries.

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