Monday, 21 June 2010

R6.E1 Drinks tray complete

Posted by PicasaThe drinks tray is now painted and fitted and certainly looks the part. It has ended up being much stronger than I expected and can take a fair weight. At the moment the Glasses just fall on so I need to fit some raised holders to the surface of each leaf just to finish it off. I will use the drink holder in a few weeks for a charity collection even and see how I get on.
I had to replace the front power coupling port after an accident with the garage door. I initally wanted to fit a new port to the back as I was going to move the charge port into the rear coin slot, but had to also replace the front after the original was damaged. The new ones are much stronger and should hold up much better to being prodded by children at events.
Feet Update.
After ugrading the motor holders in the feet, fitting the rear brackets, sorting out the belt tension, fitting the new wheels and springs to the front foot, at last the R6 is running brilliantly on any surface. It will even run on dry grass until ofcourse it loses traction but even this will be sorted out  when I get some grippy wheels on the main drive. Manhole covers and rough tramack are now coped with easy and due to the soft front wheels the running noise is virtually zero.
I will start building the all metal front foot soon and the stronger foot shell will make the system even better.
Once someone teaches me how to weld I will even have a go at a front ankle in metal as well.

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