Monday, 21 June 2010

R6.E1. New sound system

Posted by PicasaI have added a new sound system, well at least a new car head unit. This unit, however, does not just play CD's but also will play files from the built in car reader and USB socket. It also has a remote which means that I can now control the track number and volume at a distance. Becasue the remote is IR and not RF I have rigged up a fibre optic light pipe from the back pannel to the sender on the head unit, this way even with the back panel on I have full control.
I can now run either the loop CD with a set pattern of sounds or switch to the card which has individual Droid sounds set to each track, for differing moods or to the USB which has more general sounds from Star Wars films.The radio ofcourse still works so I can get creative with sending sounds from the laptop or live mic directly to the radio tuner and then broadcast them through the R6 or just listen to Radio 1.
The whole sound system is now far more usable and the remote makes such a difference, and all for under £40.
I also decided to move the charge point on the back into one of the coin slots and in the process replaced the old rear power coupling port with new shinny one. It is a shame I had to weather it so extremely but it just looked wrong being so metal and shinny.

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