Friday, 10 September 2010

Emy's outdoor adventure

This was a local fete for raising moeny for charity and not a bad day. It was interesting seeing how well Emy ran on the grass and astroturf.The main drive system coped very well and certainly had enough traction but the fron caster was still digging in at times and making movement very slow. The front foot was also starting to show some serious cracks as well and now after a fair few public events it is time for a new front foot. The new foot will be made out of much stronger and lighter material and I have now decided that I will not follow the exact R2 foot design but instead make soemthing much better. The new front foot will have a fully working suspension which will be fitted externally and linked with the lower part of the rear skirt. The design on paper looks good and to be honest you will have to be looking for the suspension system to see it. This means I will not have to lock the front foot on the pivot and instead have much more freedom to adjust the ride height on different surfaces. I should also be able to fit a single front caster and much bigger wheel.

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