Saturday, 2 October 2010

New Feet Part 4 Motor Brackets

Posted by PicasaThe motor brackets were one of the main issues with the old design in that they were far to flimsy. The new brackets are custom made to be very strong being made out of 4mm Alloy with 3mm steel channel brackets which will engage on the ankles. The way the motor brackets will fit into the foot shells is via two alloy strips bolted to the main bracket. These will be screwed into the lower MDF foot skirt. The foot shell will be very secure but also allowed to move if knocked. The other key design change is that the main drive wheel has been placed at the front of the foot shell. I do not think this will cause any issues and will certainly make the rear strut suspension work better. On the whole the foot shell and motor brackets are a thousand times stronger that the originals and after a test run the stability of the whole Droid is better.
All they need now is a gloss top coat and weathering and they will be perfect.
The only real issue I have now is that the front and rear feet look nice and are so strong that I want to start to rebuild other things now like the legs.

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