Sunday, 14 November 2010

Light sensors and strobe

Fron the images you can see that the light sensor switch is now fitted and sensor fitted in the top vent. The switch has been mounted on the same board as the sound card and sound trigger making the wiring lengths better. The sound board assembly is now portable and can be easily removed from the R6. If I need the board in another Droid all I need to do is fit the correct Micro SD card with appropriate sounds and press a few buttons, this saves me buying the whole assembley for each Droid. The small Stobe kit is being made up for the Mini Gun which can be mounted on Emy's shoulders and is linked in with movement from her head.
After a bit of tweaking the sensor works very well and triggers a sound when a bright light source is detected.It should look great when the Jawa's Droid Caller device is used and trigger a sound.

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