Tuesday, 2 November 2010

New sound trigger

I decided to add a full sound trigger so I can give Emy a bit more characher through triggering specific sounds under certain conditions. Up to now I have been using a looped CD or random sounds stored on an SD card. The radio head unit has been kept as it provides excellent quality sound and having aux inputs I can use it as an amplifier and it has a full remote to control the volume.  The Sound trigger card is very simple to set up as you can see from the pictures and it plugged directly into the aux inputs on the head unit. The head unit auto detects the board and automatically switches to the correct channel. The sound board is triggered by an RF wireless remote relay unit and from this 12 sounds can be selected and played at the touch of a button. Both the RF switch and sound board run from 12v so are very easy to power without the need for step down regulators.
The sound board has a further 6 channels availble that I am not switching through the RF switch. These six channels will be set to trigger from pressure switches placed on Emy in random places, it will be fun for Kids when she does events.If for example you touch her head a sound will play, if a utility arm opens a sounds will trigger and so on. This is a great little board and highly recommended. I got mine here:
Sound Board

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