Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A few tweaks

Posted by PicasaAfter some really intense weekend events they have taken there toll on the center wheel. I noticed that the center wheel was making some strange noises and once inspected noticed that the tyre had worn down a great deal. I decided to change the wheel some time ago and go for the softer compound wheel material as it is much quieter on rougher surfaces. I may have to replace the wheel but to be honest they are very cheap so I may keep a few spare, I would rather keep the softer silent wheel over the harder plastic ones anyday.
I have also had to do some work on the placement of the power antenna that runs the lifeform scanner. I need to find a bit more space so I can fit a third 12v battery in the center of the body. To gain the extra space I have lifted the powered antenna a few inches, the only down side is that it now protrudes above the shoulders. It should not be to much of a problem as it still fits in the car with the head of even with the higher bracket. With the modification of the antenna height and moving the water spray bottle in the main body I now have enough space to fit the thrid battery.

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