Monday, 20 December 2010

Mini gun complete and data slot

The mini water gun is now complete. I have upgraded the gears and made them a bit stronger, eventually though I will replace them for metal gears. I might need to add a bit of reinforcement to the base of the gun where the main pivot bolt is fixed as it is going into fairly thin alloy.
The other thing I have been working on after watching Star Wars was the ability to place a mini disk into the slot on the radar eye, like Princess Leia does, and trigger the holo projector. I have managed to get the slot cut without damaging the Radar eye and the small disk easily slots in an out. At the back of the slot is a micro switch which, when the disk is inserted, triggers the screen I have mounted in the radar eye which in turn plays the Leia message. I am playing around with an old slot loading cdplayer mechanism which I will mount at the back of the radar eye so eventually the disk will be taken in an ejected making it all look more authentic.

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