Saturday, 18 December 2010

New Spektrum DX8 radio

Posted by PicasaEven though the Spektrum DX6i is an outstanding radio I got the chance to pick up an New DX8, Having the extra channels and telemetry are certain worth the extra trouble fitting the new parts.
The telemetry is brilliant as I can now monitor both the temp of the ESC's and also keep and eye on the main 24v feed to the main drive motors.
The new mix options are also very good and I will certainly find use for these. One of the uses will be the mini gun and now I have the ability to link the head movement with the movement of the gun. The periscope has also been given a small makeover in that it now has three positions, down, half up and full up.
The Mini gun has also had some work done on it and the gear drive system is now fitted. The gears are plastic and I may need to remake them in metal but it works smoothly. All that is needed now is the servo that controls the mechanism to be wired up and linked to the R6.I will probably place a small socket near the rear coin slot and this will be linked back to one of the channels on the reciever.Once the gun servo is plugged in it should track perfectly with the head movement. I will also be able to override this via the radio.

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