Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New USB port and updater.

Posted by PicasaAfter noticing that the amplifier has a USB charging port I thought it would be useful so I fitted an extention lead to it and routed through to the front coin slot. This will be useful to provide an easy to get to low ampage 5v suply especially for charging things at events.The UBS slot still needs to be finished off to make it look nicer but certainly works very well. I have also fitted on the vent next to the coin slot a scrolling LED strip. I can use this to run messages or just random shapes. Fitting it behind the vent provides a great look, almost like there are working systems flashing away inside the Droid. It is powered from a simple 3v source which I have mounted on the lower bacl panel electronics board. It is triggered from the RF switch on a spare channel so it can be switched in when needed.
I have also changed some of the switching on the RF board, making it easier to turn of the lower body LED's. The head and body LED's are now zoned on different switches allowing me to turn of the body lights altogether when I an doing out door events. The head LED's need to stay on most of the time as they define Emy's character, where as the body LED's are only needed on indoor events where they can be seen.

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